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What Kind Of Barstools Are Best?

Why would you want barstools? Well I think that I need barstools to go with my outdoor bar. It’s much easier to prop up the bar with a stool to sit on – don’t you think. When considering outdoor bar furniture it is important to work out exactly what kind of furniture will best suit your entertaining. Are you the hang around the bar kind of host, where all your guests just love to come and hang with you. Or are you the kind that likes to serve your guests and then retire to comfortable seating to sit and chat.

As I am the hang around the bar kind of guy and just love to have my guests hang with me, so I’m looking for some comfortable barstools and there are quite a number of options to consider. I could use wood barstools or backless barstools or even modern ones. Do I want black barstools or another color to match the rest of the outdoor patio furniture? I also need to think about whether cheap barstools will do? I actually think that I would prefer to have sturdy stools , having them collapse with my mates would be a bit embarrassing!

For strength I think wood is the way to go, but not cheap wood, good quality strong timber will make lovely stools to match my bar. Wood barstools come in many different shades and tones. I would tend to go with a natural color so that any fading due to exposure to the sun is limited.

A barstool is basically a high seat; it can have three or four legs and may or may not have a back. I think a back is important so I would consider that support essential. A stool can also have a swivel seat, footrest and some come with arms. For my patio I don’t think a swivel is necessary, but if you have limited space or just like to sensation of turning around on your stool then you should have one!

My last and biggest consideration is how many barstools do I need? It’s got to be enough to allow my best guests to sit with me, but not too many to overcrowd the bar area. AaaH decisions, decisions!