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Do You Need A Fire Pit In Your Patio?

I am sure you are very pleased with your patio or yard area. It has the best outdoor patio furniture and accessories, but is it complete? Do you have a fire pit?  I think that even the best dressed outdoor patio area would benefit from the addition of a fire. Outdoor fire pits and the element of danger and the mesmerizing effects of fire. Oh and they can mean you spend more time on your patio or yard, especially as the nights grow cooler. A fire will add atmosphere and warmth and on some you can cook too.

Fire Pit A definition

A fire that is contained in some way, by a hole in the ground or a bowl or any other kind of heatproof container. The basic  pit has been around for many years and is basically a hole dug in the ground in which the fire is laid. Today there are more ornamental kinds to be found, such as Roman Fire Pits, Mexican chiminea, any type of outdoor ovens, and any other kind of fire container.

Roman Fire Pits

This kind of fire pit is great for smaller spaces or places where a built in fireplace would be inappropriate. this kind of pit is more portable than others portable. All your guests can gather around the fire to make the most of the heat or toast marshmallows on! The basic design is a large dish held up by a frame or pedestal for support. The support can be fancy metal legs or another form of heatproof material. Inside the bowl, resting on the sides will be a grill, for laying the fire. The ash collects in the bowl. The fire often needs the air to flow underneath the fire in order for the fire to burn well. These are traditionally wood fueled fired, but it is also possibly to get outdoor fireplace kits and convert them to propane fueled fires.  There are some very cool propane fire pits about.Check with a local supplier what is possible and who is allowed to do it.  There are a number of fire pit accessories to be found, these include fire pit covers to protect your pit when it is not in use.

Outdoor Fire Pits

The basic pit has developed from a hole in the ground to a hole surrounded by bricks to fully built up raised pits with a dish similar to the Roman pits. These styles are endless different bricks produce different styles, the heights of the pit can vary, the depth of the bowl. How a large a fire pit do you need, will you have seats built around the pit in a similar style? Also traditionally fueled by wood, many of the modern fire pits are gas fueled and can be converted using outdoor fireplace conversion kits. You can easily have your own outdoor gas fire pit.


Also called chimenea of chimera. This is a form of indoor oven that has become popular as an outdoor patio heater in modern backyards. There are many styles of chiminea from traditional clay to modern iron ones. They are wood fueled and the smoke comes out the chimney. One of the big advantages of these is that if you get a version with a door you can use it as on oven and cook on it.

Other Fire Containers

Modern metal designs for fire pits are growing popularity, especially containers that feature ornamental designs around the edge of animals. The fire light plays through these holes and can produce amazing effects. Though often metal boxes are used and some people have been creative and made their own pits from the likes of wash tubs.

Which type Are you?

Which type of outdoor fire pit appeals to you most. Are you a stylish individual who like the concept a Roman pit, or would you prefer a rustic outdoor fire pit, or are you a daredevil always on the look out for something different and would  like a great bowl of fire.

Whatever  fire appeals to you  always remember that fires are dangerous and that children should be carefully watched near fires and animals kept away. Always have a fire extinguisher to hand when you have a fire.