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Types Of Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

Outdoor Patio Furniture comes in many different materials; there is a style to suit everyone and anyone. For the rustic appeal try wooden outdoor  sets, for modern try glass outdoor sets; it all depends upon what feel you want for your patio area. The basic types of outdoor sets include wooden, aluminum, plastic, wicker,wrought iron and cafe style. All have good and not so good points and it is mostly personal taste that determines which style you prefer.

Wooden Outdoor Patio Furniture

This can be any type of wood; hardwoods are usually preferred as they last longer and look better. Timber furniture can suit just about any style of yard. Timber is very forgiving; it does not damage easily and can withstand the weather well.  Wooden furniture is great for a natural setting.Annual maintenance checks can keep your wooden outside furniture looking good. The most popular in the wooden ranges is teak outdoor patio furniture, chosen for its hardness and the color as it ages.

Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture

Aluminum patio furniture has its place, as it is light, it can be easy to put out, and easy to store. Aluminum is treated to improve its ability to withstand the weather. Aluminum furniture is usually modern in design; so sleek lines, often comfortable cushions, generally tables are made with glass tops, giving a feeling of light and spaciousness to the patio area. Aluminum furniture is usually a lot cheaper than timber, but also doesn’t on average last as long.

Plastic Outside Patio Furniture

Probably the cheapest and most commonly available outside furniture sets. Plastic is great for having around children.Plastic or resin furniture is so easy to pack away and store over winter and very  easy to clean. Plastic doesn’t weather very well and will not last as long as timber, but can be very useful for camping and when you are just starting out and would like to enjoy your yard, but have little money to spend initially. You can always upgrade later.

Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture

Wicker has a timeless feel about it. There is natural wicker which is expensive and not as commonly available and resin wicker, which looks like wicker, but weathers really well. Resin outdoor patio furniture sets come in variety of styles from traditional to modern, and in a range or colors although off white is probably one of the most popular as it looks best after some time outside!

Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

Wrought iron is another style that seems to have maintained it popularity through the years. Wrought iron is treated to make it weather resistant and requires regular checks to keep it looking its best. It is so stylish when accessorized with the correct patio furniture cushions. Wrought iron sets can include less common items of modern outdoor furniture such as lover seats which can make a statement in your outdoor area.

Cafe Style Sets

This can be wrought iron, but can also include mosaic designs which look great in cottage gardens, or just as a few pieces of outside furniture on the veranda or porch.

Buying furniture sets means that you purchase a complete seating or dining set up all together. This is good because everything matches and you have all need, just make sure you buy as many chairs to go around the table as you think you will need, it can be hard to get extra seats later. The term sets means the contents can vary, a dining set can include 6 or 8 chairs and a garden set may or may not include a table. Be sure you know what outdoor patio furniture you are buying in your set and enjoy using it.