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How I Fitted Out My Outdoor Patio Furniture Area

I love my outside patio set, but it looks so boring just by sitting there, so I started looking at accessories that I can use to brighten it up. There are so many accessories about that I didn’t know where to start. Well deep breath!

First of outdoor patio furniture cushions were a must, they will add a splash of any color or pattern I choose and best of all when I feel like a change of mood I can change them to suit. You do have to consider what fabric they will be made from, and that depends upon whether I will leave them outside all the time or bring them inside every night. Well thinking about it the cushions that get left outside all the time are generally made of a water resistant material such as PVC and whilst they keep the water out they are not the nicest to sit on. The lovely soft cotton cushions are not going to last long in the elements, but if I add some outdoor patio furniture covers then I should be right. There we go first decision done.

Next I started looking at an umbrella or shading the outside patio furniture set – they will add a bold statement, but did I need it. Well I decided that having the shade would be a good idea and I didn’t want a shade cloth, that would obscure the sun, summer and winter,and patio umbrellas can be packed away in winter. I also considered patio awnings, as they can also be packed away, but I haven’t the space for one. So an umbrella in a contrasting color will fit in really well. The umbrella will be good in summer, but to extend the use of the outdoor space in winter we needed some heating. As it happens there a lot of options available for heating your outdoor space – patio heaters, chimeras, chimeneas, space heaters or roman fire stands to name a few. I decided that a chimera would be great – they come in a variety of styles and I can try my hand a cooking on them too.

Thinking about winter made me think about lighting- there are outdoor Christmas lights that can be used all year round – mainly fairy lights and they can look great on summer evenings too. There are number of options when it comes to lighting from candles to fairy lights (and even different types of fairy lights!) Solar lighting can be great on summer evenings as it comes on automatically as the natural light dims.

Other accessories to be considered are insect repellents, sound system, drinks trolleys, rugs, hammocks, outdoor TV, but for now I think I’ll just add some plants in decorative planter boxes around the outside furniture set and sit down and enjoy it all.

Now my outdoor room is a bright, interesting and comfortable space, just the way I like it.

Welcome to Outdoor Patio Furniture Tips

We intend to explain all we know about patio furniture.  We will discuss what kinds of furniture are included in the phrase “outdoor patio furniture”, what materials they can be made from. What to look for when choosing your own outdoor setting, how to look after it and how to get the best out of it. We hope you will find plenty of information here to help you make the best choice for you and your outdoor space.

Intimate Outdoor Patio FurnitureWhat is outdoor patio furniture? Basically any furniture that you use outside, but it is generally designed to withstand the elements. Most patio furniture is made of durable, easy care materials that survive rain, wind, snow, sun and hail. Some materials last longer than others. We will discuss this in a another article. Most common types of patio furniture are obviously tables and chairs(called sets if purchased together), porch swings or rockers, chimeras , chimeneas(or other forms of heaters), umbrellas, BBQ’s, benches, gliders, hammocks, steamers, chaise lounges and basically anything you like.

What do you want in your outdoor room – we will look at different uses of outdoor spaces and what you need to look at in deciding your outdoor environment.

Once you have your outdoor arrangement just right, how can you best care for it – this will depend upon the furniture you have chosen, but we will look at options of covers and maintenance requirements for different types of furniture.

How will you choose to use your outdoor room – as much as possible we hope.